Iunai-The Magic Mist

Iunai is the kingdom to the east and it is said to lie near a magical nexus. Though few know the actual place of the nexus it’s effects are clear. It has gifted the residents of the area special magical abilities. Some of the abilities are small such as having the ability to determine the value of any metal instantly, or to stretch the length of your arms by a foot; to big powers such as the ability to rip out someone’s soul or gravity control.


The government is very loose in most cases as there are mostly small cities with all of those leaders reporting to the Daimyo who then decides when to intervene. This allows for varying levels of governmental control in the east which works for most, as it has created a much more relaxed atmosphere; though there are some long-lasting rivalries that still last to this day. The class of each person relies mostly on how useful their power is and those few who are born without one are generally at the bottom rung of society. The 10 Samurai are in charge of their own area and each of them have a unique power that allows them to maintain order in their individual areas. The Samurai have each taken a different part of the country’s duties, with one for the military, one for the spies/thieves, one for agriculture, etc.
One of the more common religions in this area is Shi-Shin and Ashryl for obvious reasons; though you will find religions of all kinds here due to the varied nature of the citizens.
The ruler of Iunai is quite a mystery both inside and outside the country and some say that he has the gift of both immortality and far sight, making him a great choice and one that no samurai has been able to best thereby both earning respect and deterring many coups.

The structure of the countryside is more of varied cities and towns each with an outpost for each of the main 10 factions. As a citizen is born and his talent determined he will be given a job related most to his ability, though once a child is deemed strong enough or has reached the age of choosing the may make the journey to the one of the 10 capitols and will thereby choose which faction he wishes to join and may usually ask if he may journey to the nexus 1st gate. If the samurai in charge of that faction deems him/her worthy then they may travel to the first where at least five years must be spent and this usually has an effect of empowering their ability. If the person so chooses afterwards they may journey further in and enter the 2nd gate, though it is uncommon to do such for reasons explained later.

Unique Formations/Natural Occurences

The more unusual natural formations take place in this area due to it’s high magic concentrations and the fractures in the magical matrix. Such things range from massive migrating moutain ranges to floating lakes. In these areas it is not uncommon to see your spells have either magnified effects or be turned into another spell all together and has been investigated and researched heavily by many scholars and mages alike. One of the more well known magical areas is known as the Lost Forest. It is called so both for the many travelers lost in the maze of vines and branches, and for the fact that it never seems to start and end in the same area and as such many walk into this forest mistaking it for another. As such it has been deemed unsafe and off limits unless with either the magic bureau or the agriculture union.

The next obvious unique formation is the nexus. It is where several ley lines meet up and has massively unusual phenomena that happen around it regularly. It is sub-divided into 3 sections or gates. The first gate goes from 30 miles out to 10 miles out. This area is highly magical and as such some of the creatures that live here are dangerous and highly sought after for alchemical ingredients and for rare armors. Many cities populate this area as many of the people of the country have and do at least visit here regularly but the population in this area rises and falls and there are few permanent residents. The second gate extends from 10 miles to 2 miles out. Accessing this area requires a special permit though many have forgone this and choose to enter without, and as such many have died. Inside the second gate the monsters are even stronger and the amount of unusual phenomena rise, from rivers that shoot up into the air to hills that move like waves on the ocean, some of the more unusual ones are deadly such as water turning to poison and back again or air suddenly becoming un-breathable. As such only a few are seen past this gate though there are many tengu who have been given the job of posting various warning signs, as they are immune to the nexus’ effects. In here the growth rate of an ability is massively amplified taking only 1-2 years to see the same effect as 10 years in the gate 1 area. After gate two lies an area that has been visited by fewer than 10000 people in 6000 years and is known as the center, as it takes up the last bit of the area. In this place you can get the same effects but at 1 month of time. Unfortunately this is the most dangerous area as not even the tengus willing go there. Here is is not uncommon to see air spontaneously combust and the ground to go liquid for a second before solidifying again. Most of the samurai have been to this point for at least a brief moment and gained massive power from it. At the nexus itself a visitor will see a massive white pillar of light that is not visible from further back and if one was to step in the likely-hood of coming out alive is slim, and as such only about 5 people have ever done it. One of them is thought to be the current ruler, a man so powerful he could wipe out an entire country if he so wished; most say that these are rumors though as none have seen their ruler save for the samurai.

The Divisions and Their Leaders


Magic & Science

Iunai-The Magic Mist

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