Coreo Flauton- The Churning Lands

Coreo is an alchemical kingdom made famous originally by it’s rapid expansion and it’s amazing ingenuity when it came to conquering the forgotten lands. Many myths surround the country, but only recently has it come out about their greatest find of all, The Cauldron. The Cauldron, or the Big Bubbles as it’s referred to by the general populace, is a massive boiling pot and an alchemical marvel; it is tended constantly by “the mixers” and contains every potion, brew, or concoction ever imagined.


The people of this alchemist’s haven are extremely mindful and attached to their ancestors and as such many family businesses and the like are common. As such, the families, whether they have been nobles or miners, have stayed as such with moving up through the social strata is rare. Though as the people are somewhat set in their ways there is often small rebellions, though recently more has been done to quell these uprisings.

The alchemists while gifted and well off are rarely nobles, with noble alchemists being almost worshiped within the community. Most alchemists are usually working for a patron and trying to earn the right to practice on their own; only about 20 or so alchemists have achieved this despite the field being flooded with talent.

Following more of a classical classist style, the king of the country is the leader and many of his advisers are in charge of the many parts of the land’s well-being.

The Churning pot

The pot is the greatest asset that Coreao has and as such it is extremely well guarded; only state-approved alchemists are allowed and only for a period of three years at a time. Once you have earned your place usually most alchemists use it as a chance for research into even greater and more interesting recipes. On average, there are roughly 40-50 alchemists and assistants working the pot at all times. The pot stands about 90 ft tall by 300 ft wide, though constantly being fed ingredients and having several ecosystems inside that produce additional feeding and altering of ingredients, never overflows due to the constant draining of various alchemical mixtures. There are some higher and even middle-class pubs that get their various ales and such piped directly from the great pot.


The more unique features of the area are the plant life and the shifting hills which give the country its namesake. In this side of the continent there were many alchemy-centric countries and from their work the earth it self has changed.

The Shifting Hills

The shifting hills are a place where the land and earth shift and wave like an ocean. The plant life and fauna have adapted unusually and there are many that seem to swim the lands like great fish with the more famous giant moles creating minor safe-havens in this ever moving landscape. The moles tend to mound up the more solid pieces of the area and for several years at a time they go into great hibernations. This is not just a one-sided relationship as the moles when they wake are greatly hungry and will eat many of the molds and nests that have been kept by the smaller creatures. These moles are one of the few ways to navigate this are as they function somewhat like islands and although the ground may shift it is no less hard when it hits.

Fauna of note

There are many to note and many more that are deadly in the right hands, but all who have been to the churning lands know of the three greatest dangers of the plant life:
1. The bomber trees (aka the artillery trees)
2. The pulsing blooms (aka the breathing death)
3. The gallow spikes (aka the heaven piercer)

The bomber trees are pretty self explanatory as they have highly explosive “fruits”. These were bred originally to be used as a deterrent for enemy forces but have adapted to the various strange climates of the blasted lands. In places where there the ground doesn’t shift the trees have adapted to create lighter fruits that ride the wind which is where they get their second slang name. In places where it does they usually ride the earth currents until they crash from a wave onto the earth below spreading their shrapnel seeds to new places.
The pulsing blooms are thankfully rare as they are usually seen in areas of great alchemical fallout and, for all but the most well trained “trimmers”, are death incarnate. From far away the plant looks like nothing more than some creeping vines and only the dull grey flowers reveal much else. The mechanism the flower was originally bred for was to disperse whatever alchemical substance at it’s roots to the surrounding areas but an unintended consequence was that they tended to grow in more hazardous areas and the plants used the substances to trap other creatures and use their corpses as nutrients. The current plant has earned it’s darker moniker and it is feared by almost all of the inhabitants of this land and others.
The gallow spikes are a part of a unique fungi that grows almost entirely underground. The “spikes” are actually it’s way of spreading itself. The spikes are almost entirely invisible in most ground and are coated in a mild antithetic that numbs the area. The problem happens after they are left for more than a day. After this the seeds will set themselves and begin growing within the host. After the first day they will start to replace the host with more and more of itself all while numbing the pain; in about 3 days the host will have lost a leg at least, more if smaller. There is no way once it is replaced to undo the damage done and an amputation is more than often necessary. It has killed more people than most of the plants and is more feared than any other by the common folk.

Coreo Flauton- The Churning Lands

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