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The World so Far

The lands have been ravaged and destroyed and left uninhabitable by the warlords of old, but now is the time to take it back. Several kingdoms have found their own way to combat the horrors and hazards of the land and are starting to take it back, piece by piece, and while some would only seek to live in peace, others see no other option than total victory.

Though after a long fought battle and many serious losses the lands have reached a semblance of peace, and while there are some who would wish it wasn’t so, the countries present a united front. Soon though they find their peace intruded upon by many and the one’s who are attacking seem to have banded together to form an alliance of their own. Now with peace threatened we find our old heroes having to face a challenge so great, not even the gods can ignore it.

The Countries and their Kings

King Asvobius Triton Bergen IX
Alexander Vilt Constirat
Iunai-The Magic Mist
Iowend- The Forgotten Forest
Coreo Flauton- The Churning Lands
Queensland- The land of Commerce and service
Darkwood- The Den of Monstrous Criminals
Wall- The Neutral Lands
Lywend- The Embassy of the Elves

The Dieties

Tiamat- The Queen of Dragons
The Pale Princess
Oakrog-The Orc god
Akira- The Tengu Adventurer

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Main Page

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