Adorable street urchin


Eloralynn is an 8 year old street rat, just over 4 feet tall and 56 lbs. She has pale, dirty skin, black unkempt hair and bright blue eyes.


Eloralynn, known as “E” to her friends (if she had any) is a highly intelligent girl. She is cute and friendly, and supremely self confident for one so young. Even so, she doesn’t make many friends her age, as she has little in common with other children, so she usually talks to her “unbisible friend” Moji. she dreams of being an Engineer someday, and will take apart any clockwork items she gets her grubby little hands on. She can usually put them back together again, and make them work. She doesn’t remember her parents much, having been alone on the streets since she was 5. She has had no formal training in anything, and taught herself everything she knows.


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