Nerin- The Harvester

Our great lord and savior is he. He was fearless in the beast wars and he always is watching hoping to bless us yet again with another culling. That is why we must always take care of the harvest, in hopes that he will choose us for this great and wondrous honor. For as the Fingers themselves say “What hope does the harvest have, if not for the care of the Reaper?”

Grim Cottonson- (Chief Seeder of Fertile Valley Church)




The followers of Nerin tend to not settle for long. They have many churches all over and once one has been firmly established they will tend to train another group of followers in their ways and send them along to explore. The reasoning behind this is that they know a culling can happen anywhere at anytime and want to be there for the harvest.

Notable followers and chosen, are the fingers. The fingers are only known through rumor though it is said that the devout of the church know more. They are said to be powerful liches or undead though tales vary. There are skeptics who say they don’t exist at all as there is no real sphere of influence from their presence.


Most of their churches are extremely modest affairs as they are more just stops for those on pilgrimages or for those in need of healing, which although given freely, is hard to get as there is always a line out the door. The only restrictions placed by the church are that there should be no maiming, no cremation, and no preservation of the “seeds”(dead).

This is one of the few churches that is sanctioned by Aizilesh as they use their undead in both their war machines and as free tireless workers.

The symbol borne on his churches is one of a broken blade, and the mark on his chosen is a necrotic hand burned into their flesh.

The Culling

The Culling is a supernatural event that happens between ever 200-300 years by some guesses, and lasts about 50 years. The event will take place in a city that has reached the peak of development and when it strikes two things happen: every living thing within a certain radius is turned into undead and all the followers of Nerin turn into intelligent undead with the ability to control the undead in the city. Occasionally, a few are spared as they hold their own faith strongly enough, though they are usually slain by the hordes of undead.


Though he rarely intervenes other than with the Cullings. He was known to have fought the great beast with the other gods of the pantheon, though he chose not to join them.

Nerin- The Harvester

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