Doma is the righteous fury of the downtrodden and of those in need. She has stood among and against Gods in a fearsome battle with this very world at stake. With a shout that can rend the fabric of reality for those she is against and build walls of protection for those that follow her. She was a pillar of strength for many in the Great Beast Wars. She stood as a beacon of hope and cried for justice when the very Gods themselves demanded our bondage. She wadges war against the abominations of this world and of the next. She will always be here for us, she will always care for us and we will follow in her footsteps.

-Amod Krealt, Master Smith of An Chéad Séipéal, the first church of Doma. Special class order Orez with regards to the Designers (date)


Doma is the Goddess of community, Healing, Protection, Repose, and Nobility


Though many follow Doma, in one form or another, her truly devout come from her churches. The church has 2 real branches, and a smattering of smaller groups. Some of the smaller groups see her as a mentor in terms of her prowess making and forging swords, while others see her as an inventor that was pushing the boundaries of technology. Her two main branches are where her clerics (The Eromat) and her paladins (The Guerran) come from.


The First Church of Doma, An Chéad Séipéal, was founded by an odd man named Orez in what was once the ruins of Doma’s childhood home. The soaring roofs and metal sculptures depict many of Doma’s and her followers great feats. Most of the clergy will gladly heal anyone in need for only minor coin so as to support themselves, though most of the money that is donated is redistributed to the poor and needy.

To the East in the Kingdom of Magic, is The Bringers of Light . These worshipers tend to be more aggressive in their teachings of Doma. Their “churches” tend to have training grounds, and the followers are for hire, if they deem the cause just. That is not to say they are mercenaries, but they see the evil in the world and are willing to take action to stomp it out.

To the West is The Safe House. The Safe house is an unassuming place of worship with modest shrines to Doma, Zero, and Orez. All are welcome in this quaint church for rest and help as it is where Orez was first sent by Doma and Zero to heal the good people for free. The followers here tend to live a life of piety and are rare to take action. The church, if you could call it that, is a place where many spend their time and eat and talk, almost like an inn.


Doma and her followers tend to engage in wars and battle in general, but only on the side which they see as right. Doma was one of the few deities that fought in the Great Beast War and through her effort and determination assured that none of the deities that stood by her fell in that great battle. The actions and interventions of her followers are known both far and wide, and variations on her name are quite common to see among all races.


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