Aizilesh is almost more like a corporation overall. Its ruler is still called a King but it’s nobles are referred to by their jobs in place of duke or duchess.

Class Structure

The titles go as follows:


These titles also have a cuff (or rank) assigned from 1-5 with the higher number showing an increase in status. These numbers and ranks will often be displayed proudly on the collar or rolled sleeve/cuff of an outer coat. The numbers also bear weight as a 3rd Cuff Engineer is considered the same (if not more respected) than a 1st Cuff (or fresh Cuffed) Researcher, but that does not change that a Tech regardless of rank will never outclass a Designer. Once one reaches the pinnacle of their field they will be bestowed a small flame next to their respective seal meaning that their opinion will always outrank in their field. The number of flames is the number of specialties that they have and anything greater than 3 is considered to be greatly gifted with only 7 nobles having received 5 and only 3 having achieved the nigh impossible 8th flame.

City Breakdown

As these people are now the wealthiest due to the new laws that have been brought into effect, they form the upper echelons of the class structure. Many of the current nobles are new blood, but severely outnumber the old money that used to be the top dogs, and as such have very much changed the face of the richer districts. They now reflect both the original working nature of the jobs and the new grandeur and wealth associated with them now. The upper districts are immaculate due to cleaning robots and mechanical servitors that roam everywhere and attend to any visitor of the upper districts.

In the middle districts (also known as the melting pot) is where you will find the forges, tailors, weapon-smiths, and minimizers. The things available here are your usual adventure gear with the rare pub or food stall. The minimizers are the ones that take more commonly used military tech and bring it to a more local level. One of the more common inventions is an electric mule, which has been a blessing for traders and those looking to move from town to town. This district is almost constantly loud as the forges that make the mech suits and purify the metal for nanites are here.

Finally the lower districts is where you will find the food and the nightlife, though some has quite noticeably moved to the upper districts, this is the real heart of the tourist fare and markets. Here you’ll find jewelry and magic, though nothing truly great as there is not much call. More often than not this is a great place for cheap healing magic as long as you’re careful to not be tricked. Here is also where you will find recruiting stations and undead servants as tech is more expensive. That is not to say that there is no technology, but it’s more akin to traditional clockwork instead of advanced machinery.


The military might of the moving kingdom is impressive as they are the most mobile of all. They have tanks, walking exosuits, artillery, and even traveling bases. They have an impressive navy and have mastered high-speed flight; and if not for the raging sandstorms in the south, the barriers in the east, and the explosive balloons in the west, would have developed this technology more. They use miniature metal birds that travel at slightly sub sonic speeds to deliver messages, as the deem that magic has too great of a chance of being intercepted. Most of their machines have small anti-magic fields on them so that they can shrug off most if not all magical attacks, though this is done through electrical currents being run through various unique alloys and not through magic itself so the fields are less reliable but cheaper.


The culture is entirely based around a persons ability to make money and their intelligence, therefore there is little respect for age unless proven to be useful. As such most elderly are left to sit in homes tended by robotic and undead servants.

They are also very focused on combat and defense, and as such they have more loose laws when it comes to weapon control as almost everyone has them. This has created an industry that has combined both fashion and weapons, with jewelry and clothing that can turn into a weapon at a moments notice. At the same time designing new ways to stop the same weapons they make is important and has been implemented in most major cities by installing high powered magnets and the like in the streets to drag weapons out of hands and holding criminals in place, thereby cutting down on crime significantly.


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