Cowboy Samurai


Born into a noble house of Iunai, but was soon abandoned due to not being born with any powers. He was taken in by a traveling Enlightened Fist monk of Shi-Shin. As he grew, it was obviously apparent that he had no magical aptitude at all; leading him to be bitter and sour about all magic. But what he lacked in magic he made up for in the way of martial arts.

Considering his birth, the rejection from his family, and his inability to perform any magic; Raizo was an extremely angry and resentful youth. As they traveled he was always getting into trouble with the local authorities for starting fights. Always looking for someone to take his anger out on, Raizo made no friends. This continued on until they were passing through Iowend, and they came upon another traveling Enlightened Fist. This one however carried a katana, rather than the traditional staff carried by his current traveling companion.

That night Raizo bombarded this new monk with questions about his sword and why he didnt weild the traditional staff. The new monk, Salik, answered all his questions with patience and explained to him that he lead the way of the Samurai. They talked throughout the night until Raizo succumbed to his exhaustion. When he woke, his old mentor was gone. Salik explained that his mentor thought that it would be best if he took over Raizos training for now on. At first Raizo was furious for being abandoned once again, and in his anger attacked Salik to prove that he did not need a new master. Quicker than he could follow, Salik drove the hilt of his blade into Raizos stomach, and caught him upside the head with the scabbard knocking him out. When he came to, Salik sat a few feet away and asked if he would like to reconsider accepting his tutelage.

Over the next few years Raizo for once felt at peace. Salik showed him he did not have to have magic to be a follower of Shi-Shin, that he could follow his own path. Salik could not preform any magic either. Even with his new master, his new Samurai way of life, and his new appreciation in Shi-Shin; he felt something was still missing. It wasnt until they were traveling thru Aizilesh for his first time at the age of 18 that he was able to fill to that hole.

He was amazed at all the technology that surrounded him. All his life he figured that magic was the only way to achieve great feats, but now he could see that technology could achieve those same great achievements. Salik could see the amazement in his young students face and decided to stay in one of the great cities for awhile. When Raizo wasn’t studying with Salik, he was roaming the city looking for anyone that would give him any notice and knowledge about the great wonders he saw. He became fairly proficient in repairing small machinery, and made some money off of little jobs. He finally felt whole.

After a year in the city, he awoke one morning to find Salik gone, but he left a note. “Our journey together comes to an end, but your journey as a man has just begun” Salik also left him a few items. The first was a brown plain duster, the next was a revolver, and his masters katana. He put on his new gear and went to leave only to find one last item hanging from the door with a note attached to it “No cowboy can be without a hat”


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